Philosophy Lübecker Krönchen


  • Willkommen im Lübecker Krönchen
  • Lobby - Lübecker Krönchen
  • Lobby - Lübecker Krönchen

Our Lübecker Krönchen is a castle through and through. As soon as you enter our little “castle square” you will be taken into another world and you can leave your daily life behind.

We hope that you will find our little gem in the middle of the busy Lübeck port and industrial area as a true hideaway, in which you will feel the magic of history in all the rooms of the castle and yet not miss modern luxury.

To appreciate history, to enjoy today to the full and to be able to look forward to tomorrow is our philosophy for planning, renovation, and our operations today.

Of course, you should feel like the lord of the castle during your stay with us, combined with our informal service of a hotel garni, that gives you a lot of space for unforgettable private moments.

For our exclusive breakfast we prefer local products, when and how they grow in our region. For all other products we make sure that they are indeed fair produced and traded so that you can enjoy every single bite with us to the fullest.

Crown every day a little bit with us!

Annett & Peter Ganswindt