Rooms and suites

Stylish, lovable, and intimate. Exceptional, spacious rooms each having an entirely distinct and especially personal design.

Already the choice of the name of the rooms and suites makes it clear which particular aura these rooms carry. Are you looking for a honeymoon suite? Then, our suites are perfect for special moments together.

You will feel the past not only in the rooms and suites, but everywhere in the castle hotel, you will arrive in today’s times as well as look forward to the future.

Therefore, you will find in all the rooms subtle luxury combined with the latest technology and everywhere lovingly detailed features, that you are guaranteed not to have seen in any other hotel!

A small note for future lords of the castle of time travel: Psst, please do not disturb the castle ghost – the good heart and soul of our house!

Find your favorite room.

Sleeping comfort

The princess on the pea already knew how important good sleep is and that includes a perfect bed! We therefore accept no compromise on our quality beds and mattresses from Schramm. Cuddly soft, quilts, of course suitable for allergy sufferers, accompany you for the best in your empire of dreams.

Room facilities

All our rooms have flat-smart-TV’s, a Self-service center with a machine for coffee and tea specialties, a minibar for your nightcap and a safe for your valuables. Without doubt also the hairdryer in the exclusive bathroom is not missing! Not only in all the rooms, but also in all our public areas (reception, breakfast room and swimming pool) our own W-LAN is available around the clock for free.